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About Hathersage

Historical notes and famous connections

Hathersage has literary connections with Charlotte Bronte who stayed in Hathersage vicarage in 1845 two years before writing Jayne Eyre which it is believed was set in Hathersage. Many of the places in the novel bear a close resemblance to local Hathersage buildings.

Robin Hood and Little John

Robin Hood, who gives his name to many places in the village, was reputed to have been born at Loxley, only 8 miles from Hathersage. After Robin Hood was declared an outlaw he found shelter in Sherwood Forest. In the thirteenth century Sherwood Forest extended from Hathersage to Nottingham.

Robin Hood's lieutenant, Little John, is reputed to be buried in Hathersage churchyard in a grave measuring 11 feet. The grave was opened in 1784 and a thigh bone 30 inches in length exhumed. The grave today attracts many visitors.

Transport by bus and train

Hathersage's train station lies to the south of the village and is on the mainline from Sheffield to Manchester. There is also a good regular bus service to Sheffield, which is only 10 miles away.




Signpost in Hathersage

The heart of Hathersage



A dramatic view of Hathersage





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